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5 Stars for Unfinished Dreams Album

2009 Release of CD UNFINISHED DREAMS received 5 stars from Music News Nashville and Maverick Magazine in the UK. “UNFINISHED WOMAN” climbed to #1 on the World Indie Record Report in 2010!

Music News Nashville Review of CD Unfinished Dreams 2009

A southern woman by way of California, Ashley Harris is a rare breed. She’s an artist who could very well take this disc—the one I’m writing about right now, offer it to a major label—and go ahead and make a down payment on a home in one of Nashville’s more upscale neighborhoods. It has been a while since I have heard a female vocalist who is this ready for the limelight.

In fact, Harris could also just about name whatever format she wanted to work with. There’s some nice pop undertones, but she also has quite a bit of Country spirit. At the other end of the spectrum, I could see her launching a nice career in Christian Music, a la a woman whose influence you can hear all over this project—-Amy Grant.

At the end of the day, regardless of how good you sound….You’ve gotta have the songs, and Ashley Harris has them—in great abundance. Having written eight of the ten cuts here, some of the best cuts include the bouncy “Alright,” or the dreamy “I Want To Believe.” Her Grant overtones shine through the most on “Better Than The Dream” and the evocative “How Do You Walk Away.” Actually, no matter which cut you are talking about….Ashley Harris sparkles throughout….making this one a treat from start to finish! Remember the name…..and I want a seat up front on the bandwagon!

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